Eurolink Group has a long tradition in providing services to foreign investors in Bulgaria on all levels and areas of investment activity.

Our policy is to approach each investor individually and provide a personalized service that addresses and satisfies their requirements. Irrespective of the size of their investment, all our clients receive high-level services that give prospect, security and transparency. We ensure that our clients are well informed of our products, the processes, risks and opportunities associated with their investment.

Our extensive knowledge of Bulgaria and especially the Varna area, as well as our direct involvement in the field of investment and economic development in the region, are at the disposal of our clients. Our experience of the last 15 years in the market is shields our clients from all the potential pitfalls they may encounter when investing in Bulgaria.

Our consistency and responsible approach is something all our clients can provide testament to. Among our clients are leading businesses such as Royal Van Omeren N.V, Holland, – Van Erven N.V, Holland, – Tecnitas S.A, France, British Petroleum Plc, Barclays Bank Plc, Goldman & Goldman Plc – UK and Farleys of Baker Street Plc – UK.

Our services include:


eurolinkInvesting in Bulgaria offers an attractive prospect and done cautiously and responsibly can bring about attractive returns. There are however many dangers and risks which an investor must be aware of when dealing in Bulgaria. Eurolink, being one of the first investors in Bulgaria (since 1994) has come to know the market and the investment environment very well and is ideally positioned to responsibly guide its clients. Our investment and financing department employs the services of highly trained professionals who produce feasibility studies, company searches, project analysis, business and real estate evaluations, risk analysis, business and marketing plans, long and short term investment placement and management of funds, lending and financing.


Our company can offer attractive interest rates and discuss ways in which you can invest your savings more productively than simply depositing them at a bank. We have the means to invest your money against solid and tangible security, with a competitive guaranteed annual rate of return. Our investment plans follow established international practices and are equally secure as any other commercial bank or financing organization. If you are looking for a better return for your savings or bank deposits, we can offer you an attractive alternative. After discussing your concerns and requirements, our consultants will design an investment plan which best suits your savings strategy.

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If you are looking for a holiday or a retirement home, a building plot or simply an attractive plot of land for investment, Eurolink can offer you exceptional choices. Our Group can offer seaside plots ranging from 10 to 500 acres, located only 10 minutes from the centre of Varna with panoramic views of the sea. If you decide to build your dream home yourselves, we can assist you with architectural plans, securing building permissions and even the construction of your home. We work with proven and responsible associates and our company follows sustainable practices that are friendly to the people and to the environment.

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Beside legal consultation and advice, we offer company registrations, litigation, court representation, land regulation, and any other legal service which our clients require. Our legal department employs the services of English-speaking lawyers and legal advisors for our clients benefit and convenience.

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We offer accounting and auditing services as well as tax consultation. We can address all your needs relating to company accounting, taxation, tax exemptions and property tax. Initial consultations are free of charge. We normally offer our services on the basis of a yearly contract, but individual consultation on a case-by-case basis can be also provided.

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We offer a complete range of Market Research services which include market intelligence, competition analysis, market share and property market analysis.

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