The Royal Oakwood Golf Course

  • 1,000-7,000 m2
  • Unfurnish
  • NoMortgage

The Royal Oakwood Golf Course2Nowadays golf is no longer the sport of the very rich, nor is limited to being a holiday treat. On the contrary, in the recent years all kinds of people have taken up golf as a pleasing and healthy sport and pass time and it has become synonymous with ‘quality living’! This is why our Vision and Planning could not be complete without a fully functional and first class golf course. We came to the conclusion that a new community built around a golf course, would be a huge plus for the whole region and it would greatly contribute to the upgrading of the city of Varna. At this stage, the Royal Oakwood is the first planned golf course in the wider vicinity of Varna, though it is more than certain that others will follow in the years to come.

Located on the upper and middle grounds of the mounts adjoining Marina Hills and even extending into its residential area, this gem will add character and colour to the whole region. It will be an attractive criterion for those who will decide to live permanently on Marina Hills.

We had a rough start with the implementation of our plans for the Royal Oakwood, as the designers we appointed let us down very badly. However, the whole concept has gained huge ground during the last year, with the appointment of a new and very reliable designer/constructor and the official inclusion of its grounds as ‘golf course’ in the recently approved Master Town Plan of the city of Varna.

The initial difficulties have not managed to put us off course and we are anxious for the moment when we will have the official “go ahead” for the construction, which we expect to be in the early summer of 2009. We are fully committed to this project and when the time is right and ripe, we will be very interested to talk to other investors to join in with us on this very exciting venture.

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