• 450,000 m2
  • Unfurnish
  • NoMortgage

Placed at the lower part of Panorama and about 2 kilometers from Elenitsa and right above the Varna quarter of Konstantinovo, is the New Village which consists of about 450.000 sq. m. of land, presently agricultural, but very poor, which has been earmarked to be used as the main ‘commercial and business center’ of the new quarter of the town. We are at this stage in advanced negotiations with a multi-national consortium headed by a Greek company for the sale of an area of 300.000 sq. m. for the construction of a number of multi-stores and facilities for consumer giants like, IKEA, JUMBO, etc.

A number of good sized plots (5.000 sq. m. – 20.000 sq. m.) are still available for sale by the company and existing investors who wish to sell.

Agent Info:

Mobile: +359 (52) 699 731 Office: Central Point, 54 Osmi Primorski Polk Blvd, 6th Floor, Varna, Bulgaria Fax: +359 (52) 991 574

Bulgarian Land Investment is member of Eurolink Investment Group. Since 1994 Eurolink Investment Group has developed from a small consulting practice to a leading local specialist in investment and land development. The in-depth knowledge of the market, the business environment, the Bulgarian laws and regulations, the mentality, the culture and the potential of the Bulgarian people, gave us the confidence to establish and successfully develop our business.