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Located at a 60 minutes drive from Varna, right above the ancient Bulgarian capital Preslav and the slopes of the Balkan Mountains, in a plateau with the size of London, where some of the most fertile Bulgarian land is to be found, we present to you Paradise Lake. And Paradise it is!

Hundreds of wooded hills have rolled down to what nature chose to be one of the most beautiful, longest and deepest lakes on the Balkan Peninsula. The nature here is thriving with both flora and fauna. The low wooded hills give refuge to millions of animals and birds. Hunting can be a wonderful and rewarding sport in the designated areas. Lake fishing can prove to be a stunning surprise if we consider the fact that the fresh water cat fish can reach the size of a dolphin in lake waters.

You do not have to be addicted to blood sports to enjoy this paradise. Sailing, windsurfing, walks in the nature as well as bird watching can become a priceless reward for your holiday.

Eurolink Investment Group has invested heavily in this paradisiacal place. We are the proud owners of most of the constructible land by the lake shores and the hills above. We are at an advanced stage of designing a Hunting Lodge. It will be surrounded by Log Cabins, restaurants, taverns and all a Hunter’s Paradise goes with. Furthermore, there will be privately-owned bungalows and lakeside villas for those seeking a relaxing break in the heart of nature. We have a good number of suitable plots for sale at very reasonable prices. Soon we will be offering “turn key” Log Cabins for sale.

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Bulgarian Land Investment is member of Eurolink Investment Group. Since 1994 Eurolink Investment Group has developed from a small consulting practice to a leading local specialist in investment and land development. The in-depth knowledge of the market, the business environment, the Bulgarian laws and regulations, the mentality, the culture and the potential of the Bulgarian people, gave us the confidence to establish and successfully develop our business.