Old Vines | Springfields

  • 1,000-9,000 m2
  • Unfurnish
  • NoMortgage

Unrolling from the edge of the state forest all the way down to the Varna – Beloslav main road, covering an area of over 2.500.000 sq. m., overlooking the Sea Lake and the Bay of Varna, is some of the most beautiful and most diverse land in the vicinity of the town!

Irrespective of where you stand, your eyes and your nostrils will be treated with the most unforgettable experience. The aroma of the wild roses mixed with that of the wild mint and complemented by sea breeze coming from the shores and the blossoms of peach trees that grow in the wild all over the region, is the seal of pure nature at its best!

We chose this terrific location to be the main stream of our up market residential planning of the near future.

The immediate proximity of these locations to the Artemis Grove 18 Hole PGA Golf Course, the infrastructure of which is presently constructed, will add substantial value to these areas, which by general admission, represent one of the most peaceful, natural and attractive spots of the rural zone of Varna. Lying right beside the E87 Varna – Beloslav dual carriageway and only one kilometer from the Beloslav – Varna ferry, this location will give easy access to the city facilities and amenities.

There are still substantial investment opportunities available in these areas, both for residential as well as for light commercial use. The price of the land varies according to its proximity to the Artemis Grove Golf Course.

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