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We cannot imagine a golf course anywhere, without happy people in and around it! We cannot also imagine a golf course surrounded by apartment blocks and high rise buildings. Some people may say, ‘But this is the case with most green spots and urban parks’! Well, this is not for us. We do not accept the principal that a business should always look into maximizing profits irrespective of the consequence! On the contrary, we believe that quality pays and offering people what they really need, in the long term can be the most solid foundation to build your business future.

This  exclusive location  Meadow Valley  can only be treated and planned with a lot of care and love and above all, having the welfare of its future inhabitants in mind. These breathtaking locations are adjacent to the Artemis Grove Golf Course. We consider them as an internal part of the overall settings. This is the reason why, when we eventually start developing residential projects on these grounds, we will do it to the highest possible standard and offer on the ground the optimal quality of construction and living conditions. To be taken off your feet, is enough to take a drive or a morning walk in this area. To see the deer grazing in full and peaceful harmony with the people and the environment. To see and hear the thousands of birds singing their morning overtures and breathe the life-giving oxygen from the forest morning breeze. To feel the cooling of the mid-day winds filtering through the forest’s trees and the purple-pink sunset over the bay. To treat your eyes to a festive combination of shades of green, changing as the sun rises and sets! This is a spot of Paradise and our intervention will make it better and more desirable. This area is not one of our present priorities, for a very simple reason!

We will allow our selves the required time to get everything right, so once the constructions of the golf course is up and running, we will invest our experiences and gained knowledge to make the most out of this exceptional location. Though a considerable area of these lands has already been sold to South African, Cypriot and English investors, we still have a limited number of medium sized plots (5.000 sq. m. -10.000 sq. m.) for sale to selected investors.

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Mobile: +359 (52) 699 731 Office: Central Point, 54 Osmi Primorski Polk Blvd, 6th Floor, Varna, Bulgaria Fax: +359 (52) 991 574

Bulgarian Land Investment is member of Eurolink Investment Group. Since 1994 Eurolink Investment Group has developed from a small consulting practice to a leading local specialist in investment and land development. The in-depth knowledge of the market, the business environment, the Bulgarian laws and regulations, the mentality, the culture and the potential of the Bulgarian people, gave us the confidence to establish and successfully develop our business.