Marina Bay – Varna Royal Yacht Club

  • 10,000 m2
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marinabay_logoAs Eurolink Investment Group we have a lot to be proud of, but the ‘gem on our crown’ is definitely, Marina Bay and the surrounding area!

Located right in the heart of the ‘new Varna’ region, covering the banks of an old river and expanding on the wooded slopes of the surrounding hills to the right and the huge valley of vineyards to the left, while this small valley descends harmonically, down to the shores of the Sea Lake. Our architects and the Varna town planners came up with a fantastic and revolutionary idea! Instead of building the marina in the lake, to build it in-land!

As you can see from the attached caption of the Master Plan, the Sea Lake water will ‘invade’ the land and fill the canals which we will excavate, while the land around them will remain solid and it will be used both for constructing the moorings and of the luxury residential units. As the underground layers of the region consist of pure yellow sand, all the sand from the excavation will be used to re-claim and re-estate the surrounding beach, which for years has been left to erode and run in the Sea Lake.

The Varna Royal Yacht Club, besides offering 600 mooring places and all imaginable facilities to the yacht owners, will offer to the owners of the villas, which we will build on promenades, free ‘parking’ of their yachts and boats, practically in their back yard! We estimate that more than 150 building plots will have direct access to the water, while another 250 plots will enjoy a fantastic view of the marina, from the surrounding hills and hill tops.

It is needless to say that this ‘prime and posh’ project, will take some time to complete, but when it does, it will represent the strongest magnet for wealthy visitors from everywhere. Though we have a basic concept, the actual designing and planning of the Royal Yacht Club has not started yet. We want our future partners and co-investors to have their saying and transplant their ideas to the project. Naturally, we are interested to talk to potential and qualifying investors/partners about this project and as always, we keep an open mind to any serious offers.

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