GOLF HILLS – Lazur – Ecological surrounding areas of Varna

  • 2,000 m2
  • Unfurnish
  • NoMortgage

Golf_hills2According to the new Master Town Plan for Varna, Golf Hills will become the center of the new town quarter. The detailed plan prepared for this neighbourhood provides for a central square in the middle of which we will have a massive church built, while two boulevards will run along the central axle of the area. One of these drives will be paved for pedestrian use while the other, as the main artery with four traffic lines, will connect the area to the E87 motorway and the main road Varna – Beloslav. Both sides of the central boulevard will bear the commercial and business activity, while access to any traffic into the region will be diverted through the back by practically placed small streets.

One part of the side hills is for pure residential use with eminent presence of green oasis and small gardens. The other side is reserved to house the New University Building as well as auxiliary structures designed to serve the accommodation needs of the students and the teaching staff.

Eurolink Investment Group, though it owns substantial land at this location, does not have any specific plans for it at the moment, besides building in the foreseeable future the Group’s new head offices. There is land, both commercial and residential available at this spot, which presents a prime investment opportunity.

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