Elenitsa Ethnographic Village

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The Elenitsa ethnographic village is situated right next to Panorama and it is a totally different concept and location. It consists of a number of slopes right under the level of the rest of the land, which evenly and harmonically lead to a little valley and a small canal. On the other side we have an enormous virgin oak wood and a forest with soft pines that extends for 20 – 30 kilometers. As stated already, this will be an oasis of tradition and culture, in the middle of a brand new busy town.

Elenitsa Mock-up Our idea, which has already been approved by the local authorities, is to build 3 – 4 neighbourhoods, 40 – 50 houses each, using traditional designs, architecture and materials from all parts of Bulgaria. All the houses will be placed amphitheatrically, starting from the upper grounds of the land and ending around three village squares. These open areas will be built on the shores of three artificial lakes, which again will be placed amphitheatrically. Each square will be heavily wooded with oak, maple and pine trees under the shadow of which and all around its periphery taverns, restaurants, shops and traditional workshops will operate. The village will be inhabited by a lot of artists and workers of culture and naturally ordinary people.

In the stone paved streets of the community, no motor cars will be allowed. The inhabitants will have to leave their cars in an outside parking, while transportation within the village will be done by horse drawn chariots. At the entrance of Elenitsa and above the first square, a Roman style amphitheater will be built, which will host cultural events and festivals during the spring, the summer and the autumn every year, including the ‘Dionysian’ wine festival.

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