Artemis Grove Golf Course and Spa Resort

  • 1,200,000 m2
  • Unfurnish
  • NoMortgage

A new stylish and up-market city quarter cannot be complete without a PGA Golf Course and the luxury of a Spa resort! This is why in the past three years we have got ourselves busy researching and realizing this idea. We have the best of the best in the business to design and build for us and our clients an 18 hole PGA, fully factional championship golf course!

This person is Frank O’Dowd of Intergolf Inc. ( who has already designed and built a considerable number of prime golf courses all over the world, including Bulgaria.

Aphrodite Hills Golf Course and Spa Resort draftsThe Artemis Grove Golf Course will be built on 1.200.000 sq. m. of land which roles over hills, slopes and river banks, in full harmony with the surrounding forests and lakes which make up the terrain. The Golf Course will be encircled by  Meadow Valley, Eagle’s Nest, Upper and Lower Springfields and Lakeside Views.

The cleaning of the terrain and the construction of road access started in October 2008 and it will carry on in the spring of 2009. The actual construction of the Golf Course is expected to start in the early summer of 2009, pending the completion of some additional design work. It is our target and wish that the Artemis Grove will be completed and ready for a kick-off in the spring of 2012. Unfortunately not everything depends on us. There is the Bulgarian Administration to consider as well. When completed, the Artemis Grove will be one of the most attractive spots in Bulgaria. Any land near it or in its close proximity, will be a very rare and expensive commodity. Bearing in mind the project’s size and its prospects, Eurolink Investment Group will consider very favourably investment interest from qualified investors and individuals who share our ambitions.

Agent Info:

Mobile: +359 (52) 699 731 Office: Central Point, 54 Osmi Primorski Polk Blvd, 6th Floor, Varna, Bulgaria Fax: +359 (52) 991 574

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