Dear Clients/Investors, The Eurolink Group was founded in 1994 and has since then developed from a small consulting practice to a leading local specialist in investment and land development. At the time when the company began its operations, Bulgaria was considered a very hostile and sometimes treacherous environment for investors.

Our vision and belief in the prospects of the Bulgarian market gave us the confidence to take the risk to establish and successfully develop our business. This experience and know-how, built over the years is what gives us the credentials of being considered a leading local investment specialist.

In the last ten years, we lived and experienced the transition of a country that had sunk in the post communist chaos, like many other Warsaw Pact countries, all the way through to EU membership in 2007 and now enjoying unprecedented development under the EU.

At a time when many other foreign businesses could not withstand the difficulties of working in Bulgaria, our company had strong faith and vision in its strategic path. We worked hard to bring about the changes that have sparked the development and the huge flow of investment that the country and Varna now enjoy.

The Eurolink Group today, looks into the future with the confidence earned from our tested experience and proven track-record. The trust conveyed by our many satisfied investors and business associates, as well as the safety that an equity of over €100m offers us, gives us strong foundations for further growth and development.


Our business ethics and professional approach focuses on giving our clients the right advice which is best suited for their investment approach and needs. We focus on providing facts and evidence and allow each person to make a free and educated choice. When you visit us and have a chance to be shown around the areas our Group is investing in, it will become very clear that we have a long term vision, a vision to transform the area. To this end, we have strong support from the local authorities who we consider to be our allies and partners in this massive undertaking.

Our capable team of young professionals will assist you in every way you need and will make you feel at ease when considering our investment proposals. We are in the business of increasing the value of our clients’ investments and our track-record with many satisfied clients is proof of this. What gives security and prospect to our investments is our commitment to sustainable investing and a wider vision for the development of the area. This sustainable growth which we are implementing gives lasting value and prospect to the areas we are investing.

I cordially invite you to join us for a sight-seeing visit in the area and a chance to discuss and exchange ideas about how we can help you invest safely and securely.

Sincerely Yours,

Christopher Violaris, BSc, MSc (Econ), PhD (Econ) Managing Director of Buy & Sell (Bulgaria) Ltd. Member of Eurolink Investment Group


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